We offer a full valuation service, ranging from a free informal opinion on a single coin or group of family medals to a professional assessment of the largest private and institutional collections.

You are welcome to get in touch by phone (preferably with the objects to hand when you call), email or letter. Clear pictures are very helpful, and if you don't have access to a mobile phone with a good camera then a simple digital scanner or photocopier can often give good results at actual size. If sending images as email attachments, please do not attach more than 5MB of pictures with each message. Alternatively, you can bring your property to our offices, which are open on weekdays between 10am and 5pm. We would advise you to make an appointment beforehand to ensure that an appropriate specialist will be available to see you. In most cases we can give you an estimate there and then.

There is normally no charge for a verbal opinion or preliminary valuation by letter or email. When a more formal appraisal is required, as for probate or insurance purchases, we reserve the right to make a charge depending on the time and work involved. However, iIf the property is later sold through us within a reasonable period of time, we would normally refund this in full.