24 October 2019
Important Coins of the Islamic World

UMAYYAD, TEMP. HISHAM (105-125h) Dinar, Ma‘din Amir al-Mu’minin bi’l-Hijaz 105h

Sold for £3,720,000
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23 November 2017
War Medals, Orders and Decorations

Victoria Cross and triple D.S.O. group of 11 awarded to Vice-Admiral Gordon Campbell, Royal Navy

Sold for £840,000
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28 November 2018
Coins and Historical Medals

William and Mary, Five-Guineas, 1693

Sold for £192,000
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2 July 2014
Medals, Orders and Decorations

The Unique Tibet Victoria Cross and India D.S.O. Group awarded to Lieutenant (later Colonel) John Duncan Grant, V.C., C.B., D.S.O.,

Sold for £408,000
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29 November 2018
War Medals, Orders and Decorations

The Iconic and Excessively Rare Royal Humane Society Gold Medal and other related gifts and awards presented to the renowned Victorian heroine Grace Darling

Sold for £38,400
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24 October 2018
Important Greek and Roman Coins

Naxos, Tetradrachm c.460BC, by the Aetna Master

Sold for £126,000
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