Historical and commemorative medals and plaquettes have formed an important part of our auctions since our very first sale in 2002, when a magnificent example of Riccio’s plaquette of the Entombment of Christ sold for the record price of £125,000. Our twice-yearly general sales continue to offer a broad range of this material, and we have also produced several single-owner auction catalogues dedicated to specific collections.

For Renaissance medals and plaquettes, our sales of the John R. Gaines and the Stack Collections remain landmark events where several record prices were achieved including the gold medal of Mary Tudor by Jacopo da Trezzo in the Stack collection selling for £240,000. We were also privileged to offer a splendid collection of British commemorative and historical medals (sold anonymously in 2003). Other notable collections sold here include those formed by the late Professor Dr. Klaus Lankheit (Florentine baroque medals sold in 2003), Dr. Charles Avery (in 2008) and Sir Timothy Clifford (in 2017).

We also occasionally offer collections of historical medals formed around a military theme in our auctions of War Medals, Orders and Decorations. Collections sold in this way include two dedicated to the life and medallic history of Nelson: the ‘Suckling’ Collection, and that of a private collector.